Why the strike tomorrow?

Here is the explanation, a group of teachers and pupils from a public school have created this wonderful video to explain the cuts we are having and the results of them.


A teacher sings

The singer is a professor of chemistry at the Cartagena Technical University, and has a rock band. She's the girl who came to the school to give our 4th ESO students a sexual orientation talk. José Luis is entering a contest to play at the SOS, his video is great. You can vote for it from Facebook from the link below if you like it.



Gracias Grecia (Thank you Greece)

A video claiming the study of classical languages​​, namely Greek, has ben made in a High School of Murcia. Worth watching, congratulations!


Happy St Valentine's Day

You can create your own prezi to write a Valentine card and then embed it on your blog. I propose a contest using ths tool, we can talk about it in class.



A new project: a brave rescue

The project consists of telling a story about a brave rescue, you can use the tool you prefer to create it. Don't forget to upload it to your blog once you have finished it. Here you have an example I have done with PREZI.


A memorable day on Photoshop

This is our next project. You have to create a story describing an event in the past. First you write your memorable story and the you look for the photos you want to use. Then you go to http://photopeach.com/home and follow the instructions on the site to create your own slideshow. We will do an example in class next Thursday and then you start! Finally you upload your works to your blogs and that's it.



A new tool for our class: DOJO class

Our class DOJO is working now, all of you have the codes to enter and customize your avatars, remember you can follow your score just clicking on your site.
Click & go there


Welcome back

Are you ready? School days have started and a new challenge is waiting for us, I'm sure this new year is going to be great in spite of the economic problems we are suffering. I have designed a new site for us to work, click on the image on the right sidebar to go there, its name 2nd A Bilingual.


Bachillerato web

Go to our site
We have designed a new site for 2nd Bachillerato in order to show their online work. They have work a lot: they have created their own blogs including the tasks they have carried out throughout the year, glogs with their voices, comics and even a wiki where they organized a trip to Dublin. It has been a wonderful year and we have enjoyed it a lot.


Record your voice

Go to the site
Our next task consists of recording your voice by using Soundcloud and then embed it on your glogster. The content of this recording will be your daily routines for 1º ESO and for 2º Bachillerato it deals with the explanation of your routines to explain our costumes to the European students who we are working with in our Comenius project called "Believing in Humanity". You can add pictures, videos and comments to your glog as well as this recording that is going to be done on Thursday.


Our dialogue in a video

Do you recognize it? It is the dialogue you have practised this morning.

Dialogue 1
by: torressouth

Your writings in a book

Credits to OUP.Illustrated by Adam Stoker.


Write a text from a glog and then create your own

This is an example of a glog. Your first task is a writing based on it, then you have to create your own glog uploading your images, your texts and audios. I will help you on Tuesday during our computers class. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Click here if you want to see it on glogster


My students use Pixton

The English and French Department of IES Mediterráneo have celebrated the Human Rights Day by designing posters with the articles of the Declaration of the Human Rights making a relation with these articles and the Spanish Constitution. The 2º Bachillerato students created several comics developing these articles to diffuse them among the other students at school. These comics have been created by using: Pixton. It is a wonderful online tool that helps students create attractive comics, it is fun and easy to use. They also made a gymkhana with this topic that was carried out on 21st December at our school.


This video's worth watching

It is not only absolutely interesting but also funny. Watch it, you'll have a great time... and you will learn!

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