Bye, dear Elcano students

My time as a teacher there is over. Thank you very much for helping me to enjoy my job, it has been wonderful to work with you all for these twenty years. You have been the best part of my job, sometimes it has been a challenge to get you motivated but when I got it, you really made me happy.
My new school is IES Mediterráneo and I will be there at your disposal, as usual. It’s exciting to have a new project ahead: after so many years working in the same school.
Remember this is also your blog and I hope you will keep taking part in it whenever you want. It’s always a pleasure to read your comments, they feed the blog and help me to improve it.

Thank you again, my dear students!


Monica Fernández said...

Hello Carmen,
This is Monica, your blog addict. I love all the new things you always have in your blog and it's great to see someone that enjoys so much this job as you do! I hope in the future I'll as optimistic and involved in teaching as you!
Your blog is an inspiration! I wish the best for your new adventure in this new school!
Best regards,

Monica Fernández said...

Ooops! I forgot "be" in a sentence!

Rubén Gomiz said...

Ohhh teacher!!! It is beautiful what you have written in the entry, I believe that more than one this year to learned English, the truth that your method is very good, and that this course that comes you one is going to miss!!!!

Dávid said...

Hi Carmen
This is a cool blog. I especially like the embedded quizzes for the grammar. I'm sure your students can get a lot of help from using these. Congratulations from Hungary!

Anonymous said...

Not to say bye-bye but to start in a new amazing, place of work
the best wishes. You´ll always be in our minds
thank you, teacher.The very best in your Mediterraneo H School
Fran.4º Diver

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