Ordering a meal (2)

You will hear a man and a woman ordering a meal in a restaurant. Listen to what they order. I recommend to hear the listening twice. After you have finished, write down the answers to the questions you have in the second page of the exercise I embedded for you yesterday, I mean the one which is just below this one.I suppose you have already downloaded it. If you haven't, just guess the answers.

Credits to esl.about.com/library/media/audio/food.mp3

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Miguel Ángel said...

Hi Carmen, I'm Miguel Ángel from the EOI. Owesome blog, congratulations!!! I was browsing through the net looking for Reported Speech activities and I came across yours. The name of the author rang a bell and I visited your blog to check it was you.
I embedded it (without permission). May I? Nice to learn from you once more. See you! Take care!

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